Monday, 29 January 2007

Moving service to highlight homelessness.....couldn't stand the zombies though!

Sunday was a peaceful day. Had a good lie in - which took me until about midday! I really needed it.

Spent most of the afternoon catching up with post etc. Late afternoon I suddenly remembered that I hadn't completed my 'Self Assessment Tax Return'.

So I tried to find the form and the relevant paperwork.... could I find it!! Tried everywhere. It took me the best part of two hours to find it. Tried to enter it all on line - and the HM Revenue & Customs site required an activation PIN which would take up to seven days to arrive!

So, had to resort to filling it in by hand. Completed all that - so I'll hand it into the tax office on Tuesday. Whilst looking around at the tax website, I found it very interesting. It's possible to view an awful lot of information. To visit the site, click here.

Anyway, after all that I attended a service in St. Cuthbert's Church for Homelessness Sunday. It was a wonderful service hosted by Mendip YMCA. All of the speakers and readers of the service, which included myself, started off in sleeping bags beside the alter.

My reading was after the second hymn. Had a little snag whilst lying there! I was wearing my suit with the Mayoral you do. However, as I was lying down, the chain fell back and almost strangled me!! For some this would have been a cause to celebrate!

I tried to rescue myself without the congregation noticing too much! Think I succeeded.

The service was an emotional one as it highlighted the plight of homeless young people in particular. There were some very moving contributions from those who had been homeless and those who's children had made themselves homeless.

All quite an eye opener. What everyone learnt was: people are homeless for a whole series of reasons. None of which are straight forward!

After the service we had a buffet...... I then went onto friends for dinner.

For some reason, we started half watching a horror film. Neither of us are into these sorts of films. I can't stand them!

The film we were watching (as well as catching up) was 'Dawn of the Dead'. It was an odd film about people (apparently the whole world) being turned into zombies! Yuk!!! Anyway all a bit bizarre and did leave me double checking all of the dark spots at home!!

There is a link with this film to Wells. 'Dawn of the Dead' was a favourite of Simon Pegg who filmed the spoof 'Shaun of the Dead'. Of course, Simon Pegg is one of the writers and stars of the Wells based film 'Hot Fuzz', which is due out shortly!!!! Small world......

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