Friday, 12 January 2007

Mayor's Diary for 11th January 2007 - published in the Wells Journal

This is a quiet time for Mayoral events. After a ‘full on’ December, the beginning of January is a gracious start to what will turn out to be a frantic race to the finishing line.

Yes, it’s only 19 weeks left, so much to do – so little time to do it in.

The events, functions and meetings all start exploding onto my diary from this week. So, I enjoyed the break – but really missed the buzz of being ‘out on duty’.

With my spare time last week, I created what is called a ‘blog’. A blog is a website, usually for an individual or organisation, which is presented in the form of an on-line diary.

My blog is my own bit of cyber space. I can add my ideas and thoughts, as regularly as I want. Some other blog owners update their blogs several times daily – others weekly.

What’s really clever about blogs is that anyone viewing the site, which is as available as any other web site, can leave comments if they so wish.

Once you get into blogging, it is quite addictive. I’ve discovered loads of bloggers from this country and around the world talking about alsorts of things.

A blog is easy to set up and manage. Anyway, please feel free to view mine 24/7 at:

I’ll try my best to update it daily, with loads of stuff which I’m unable (due to space) print in my diary.

Also, please don’t worry if you haven’t got access to a computer, as I’ll still publish my weekly diary in the Wells Journal (with the continuing generosity of the Mid Somerset Series).

Over the next week my diary includes Council meetings including the full City Council meeting (Thursday), a raffle for Community Link Development and the annual service to commemorate Bishop Bekynton.

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