Tuesday, 16 January 2007

All that fuss - then they abstain!!!

Monday was a very good day, trading wise in Pickwicks. This was the first trading day that we can accurately compare sales figures. This time last year we extended the cafe. So any trading information before that was based on smaller premises.

Update on the checkout situation: Checkouts still down however spare parts ordered and being fitted! Up and running again soon.

After work I attend a full Council Meeting at Mendip District Council. The main purpose of the meeting was to consider bids for the re-organisation of local government.

Basically, it's a Government ploy to force massive changes whilst taking the heat from central government. It's all a complete sham, with Somerset County Council applying for Unitary Authority status.

Quite why is anyone's guess - but I think that the group in control are doing it for out and out party politics rather than the common good.

With any luck all the Districts will remain - with a new partnership that includes all levels of local government. Although on that note - the county seem to have forgotten the parish councils in all this.

In terms of Mendip, parishes include all of the towns and the City of Wells. We intend to fight our corner!!

This whole mess has been created by the Minister of the moment Ruth 'it's not just my fault but theirs as well' Kelly MP, Secretary for Communities. Bless...

p.s. Must note that the opposition group at Mendip (there is only one as the other group are independents and thus not really a group), for some rather weird reason they decided to 'abstain' on the main vote of the evening! All quite shocking....but perhaps not surprising.

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