Sunday, 7 January 2007

Lost: checkouts and defence spending

Had a busy day in the shop on Saturday.... to add to it all both checkouts decided not to play ball! So we had to manually write out the customer orders and use the calculator to work out the receipt. Wouldn't be too bad if it hadn't gone 'belly-up' at our peak time (lunchtime)... we were quite lucky that we had a pack of pens we brought from the local £1 shop. After some trouble in reading each others writing (all orders were being written quite quickly) we got everything out on time! Needed a gin & tonic afterwards though.

Never mind.

Got quite annouyed whilst reading the papers yesterday. Someone had leaked proposals from the MoD regarding defence cuts! I think, if it's true, then it is disgraceful that the Government is even begining to contemplate such action. It wouldn't be too bad if the Government was cutting back in all areas of spending - however, these cuts are to allow some other departments to keep pumping money (our money) into pointless projects to keep a few people (their activists) happy.

The cuts to the Navy are the deepest yet. The cuts are also meant to include the reserve! Well, as a formaer reservist - I think this whole plan stinks...

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