Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ask the Chancellors Debate on Channel 4 (29th March 2010)

I was partly entertained by the Chancellor's Debate last night.

My results are:
Osbourne was most credible and confident.  Although did seem to lack experience in such forums.

Darling was confident and knew his brief, but he exposed the lack of ideas and new policies.  He even admitted to the cupboard being bare!

Cable was very popularist with basic arguments for assured applause!  Typical Lib Dem.  I think he defo won on applause, but lost when his comment are edited for news items.  I think it came across as being naive and picky.

Monday, 29 March 2010

WANTED: Joseph Rowntree Trust to come clean on Lib Dem support!

How very nice for the Joseph Rowntree Trust and their 'Power 2010' off shoot to support the Lib Dems with almost £5million worth of donations and to assist in the Lib Dem 'target seat camapign'.

Recently the 'Power 2010' group put around a leaflet in Wells attacking the Conservative MP, David Heathcoat-Amory. 

They are allegedly supporting a reform of politics!!

I think the leaflet is bias, tacky and ill informed.  The Power 2010 seem to skirt around the issue of Lib Dems not supporting a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (as promised in the last general election) and fails to mention the fact that several Lib Dem MPs (in fact all of them), have abandoned their posts in Westminster to campaign in their constituencies!!

So we are paying each and every one of them, over £67k plus to act as an over paid Councillor and effectively state fund their election campaigns..... strangely, Power 2010 don't seem to mind this! 

If an 'independant organisation' wants to highlight reform...the fine.  I just wish that they would state their support for their prefered party (Lib Dems to the tune of almost £5m) on the leaflets......

But that may be a reform to far for them........

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Closure of Wells Court

We all knew this was coming....indeed it even makes some sense that the Courts have closed....the modern world and all that.  However, it is typical of this Government not even to acknowledge the service history of Wells and other towns to the Courts Service.

This link (http://www.justice.gov.uk/news/announcement180310a.htm) is the official statement ref. closure.  It is as dead-pan as you can make press releases!

Wells has hosted the Courts over many centuries - the service it has provided (esp. in it's current building which is now the Town Hall) is credible and worthy.

Perhaps the Government doesn't care about previous service of any thing or any body!  In which case, when this bunch are removed from office in May - this Labour Administration (97-10) will be no more than a bland footnote; they deserve to be nothing more!!

Pass the black caps please Usher.......

Monday, 15 March 2010

....The story of the evening so far.....

I had a call from a friend to say that an alarm system had failed in one of their premises in Shepton Mallet.  They wondered if I would be able to spend the night in the property to ensure security.

Not a prob I thought....  So packed some essential supplies such as filter coffee, cafetier, book, marmite, crackers, cheese and some bread.  Iwas assured there were basic supplies in the property...tea, crisps, coffee etc!  As you may know, I fussy about my tea/coffee hence why I brought it with me.

Had to stop at the garage for some Lucozade and Pot Noodle....that is when I found out that I had forgotten to bring my cafetier and book!!  Book not really a prob - but the cafetier meant no filter coffee!!

Arrived in Shepton Mallet, had the brief and the hand-over.  I had to remain aware and regularly patrol the main areas. 

This wasn't a prob!  There were two ways of getting around the premises.  So I alternated between the two to give a bit of variety. 

At about 0440hrs I had my Pot Noodle (for which I thik they have changed the recipe, and doesn't taste as nice).  That filled a gap.

I think, possibly I have brought too much with me.  However, I still have (at time of writing) two hurs to go!!

Those of you who know me - realise that I do late nights (indeed overnight) very well.  It's just the getting up bit which is the killer......

p.s. Twinings Tea has kept me going so far....without the need of a Lucozade!

Friday, 12 March 2010

It's blogging amazing....!!!

Yes, dear readers.... I have linked up my Facebook, Twitter (spdavies_wells) and Blog!!  Well I think I have.  As the great songs says "wider still and wider, shall our goals be set"!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Zimbabwe's forgotten children, struggling to survive

Of the many failures of the Labour Government, with it's very self important attitude to everyone and everything - this has to be up there with their top 10 disasters (in my opinion)!

With complete ignorance and a total sucking up to some dodgy self appointed interest groups allegedly representing Africa - they allowed Mugabe and his vile party to cling onto power.

This film shows what happens when lefties are allowed to make policy based upon some 60's style ideology - which didn't reflect fact then and still doesn't reflect fact now!!

BBC Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Joint Press Release

Cllr Christina Borastero
Cllr John Osman
Cllr Sally Robinson (also Chairman of Chamber of Commerce)
Cllr Simon Davies

eMail: spdavies@btinternet.com

11 JAN 10


The above have joined together to campaign for a delay in the payment of Non-Domestic Rates for local business.

The Non-Domestic Rates are paid annually by businesses in the same way the Council Tax is paid ie over a ten month period. What we are campaigning for the ten month payment period be extended to twelve months for this financial year.

Commentating on the campaigning, Cllr Sally Robinson said “many small businesses were shut over the Christmas period and then they had to shut due to the weather conditions. This has put a lot of pressure on businesses as people just haven’t been out to the shops in what is normally a quiet sales period anyway”.

Cllr Christina Borastero continued “this will make a big difference to several small businesses and their cash flow. We are not asking for a reduction in the rates, just an opportunity to pay over a longer period, but within this financial year”.

On the broader economic front, Cllr Simon Davies said “in what is still a difficult economic situation, businesses deserve as much help from the authorities as possible – especially since small business in this area are by far the largest employer.

John Osman, Councillor for Wells, Mendip and Somerset said “I always want to support businesses, so I gladly support this idea to assist local small businesses in moving forward”.

The campaign was backed by David Heathcoat-Amory MP, who said “It's an excellent idea to spread the payment of business rates over a full year. We must counter this recession by helping small businesses survive and prosper. Local authorities and the public sector must help, and this idea is a good start.”

Saturday, 9 January 2010


I first thought that SCC had done a reasonable job in gritting around the Wells area!  Then it dawned on me, that they have been their usual incompetant selves. 

First there is a major difference between the gritting of the B&NES area and Somerset - then only parts of the centre of Wells have had anything done at all!!

I acknowledge that some of the pavements were gritted - which was good....be defo not all!  Why is this?

Come on guys at SCC - last year the administration there were pretty usless, for which anyone who remembers last year will testify.  Now a new set of  Councillors are in charge....surely more common sense should be applied????

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Pavements gritted...hurrah!

Full congrats to Somerset County Council for gritting both the road and main pavements (centre of Wells).  Didn't happen last year....but they've done it this year!!  The City is now in danger of being able to trade in bad conditions....that'll upset the lefties!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I think snow often seeps into peoples brains.....

I was able to drive into Wells today from Oakhill (where I'm looking after friends dogs).  The journey was slow but ok.  My Dad taught me how to handle bad weather when driving, so I arrived safely with my car in one piece!

However, on the way down I can across several people who must of thought "oh, it's snowing - so all the normal rules and laws regarding walking and driving are suspended"!  Quite why they thought that,  I don't know.

There were people walking down the centre of the road (close to some cars which appeared out of control) and even in Wells High Street, some guy who thought that the whole area was the pavement to so walking around without checking for anything or anyone else....what a twat!!

I come to the conclusion that some (but defo not all) acciedents are caused by such morons when it's snowing....and in my view, should be low priority for any response if required!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

What a depressing read....

I have slowly (over 2009) come to the conclusion the the Daily (& Sunday) Mail are quite a depressing read.  However, in the spirit of openess in the new year, I thought I'll read todays edition!! 

What a mistake!!

I felt quite depressed at the end of it.  The only good thing was an interview of David Cameron MP.  Come on DM/SM....get back to your hard hitting, quality reporting self......please!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sir John Major shows the current Government what a shambles they are....

Sir John Mayor today hit oput at the Government at it's handling of the Iraq War.  The story, from the BBC, can be viewed here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8437422.stm.  He may have not been quite the character needed to be PM - but I think he was a very good politian....defo suited to high office.

picture from the BBC website

Friday, 1 January 2010

It may help....

WELCOME TO 2010: The blog is jump started for the new decade....

Hi.  After many comments and suggestive chat....I have relaunched my blog!  Please feel free to comment on what ever.  I promise to print all comments (subject to decency and libel etc).  So join in.......