Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year: 2007

Well I have made it through to 2007 as Mayor! My diary is already filling up and I have so much still to do!

I think it's at this point in the year, just as being Mayor settles down to being a routine, one can see the full scope of the role - but needs another 12 monhs to achieve them.

Anyway, I only have 4.5 months left - with loads to do.

Last night, for my New Years Party - we celebrated the new year in the Mayor's Parlour. We had a fantastic time, which judging by the texts, was enjoyed by all.

I went into the Parlour today to do a bit of tidying up. Thankfully the Mayoress (Julie) did a lot of the washing up just before we left last night (or this morning).

All squared now, so just need to do a little more tidying which can wait until tomorrow.

Only one engagement this week, which is on Saturday. St. Thomas' Church will be installing a new Vicar.


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