Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Yo dude - You've got cool bling.... I know, the rest of me is too!!

A very busy day in Pickwicks today! Not only as it was market day, which is always a boost, but we had loads of other things going on at the same time.

First off - cheers to the roof - as the checkout had returned from intensive care! Both checkouts have been reunited by serial links (or something). Anyway, all working. However, down side of the experience was that all of those products that I spent until 2200hrs entering in on Monday - after the crash - have been erased! Tut, have to start again....

As you can imagine, networking and preparing the checkouts took some time by our excellent engineers. Sadly, they had to be in the centre of the counter sorting everything out! So in the middle of all the cafe action - never mind.

Also had an opportunity to clean out the ice maker and asked two of my staff to build some shelving units. So all full on but now up to speed.

ATTENNN...SHUN!! Eyes forward, head up and shoulders back..... was not what we heard when I attended an excellent presentation from the Army on it's current role and responsibilities.

Was most proud to be invited as the Army really pulled out all the stops to show what they do. Sadly, we have a professional Army which hasn't really got the backing of the less than professional Government. It was reassuring to know - that despite the Government - the Army is a force for good, for Britain and for democracy.

The Army took time to present their case and were very open to questions. I don't mean to name drop, but was glad to see Lady Gass (Lord Lieutenant of Somerset), Brig. Alistair Fife (High Sheriff of Somerset) and his wife Dee Fife at this event.

The 'lesson learnt' for the evening is for me to always bring along a coat! I'm so used to walking from my car into a building, I forgot to take one. The Assembly Rooms were a five minute walk from the Car Park. So, not really knowing were I was going, I set off to find the building, whilst feeling the cold somewhat! When I got to the Assembly Rooms, not only was I cold - but my Mayoral Chain (me bling) was a lot colder. Brought a new meaning to 'cool bling' - because it was very....

Back at home now....must read the pack that the Army have given me!

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