Friday, 5 January 2007

NO to hard choices - YES to ranting.... it's a lot easier

The one thing that always gets me annoyed, is when an elected politician thinks that he/she can meddle in commerce, business and industry - without a care in the world! This time it was the Environment Minister Ian Pearson MP.

The latest moronic comment came when he called Ryanair "the irresponsible face of capitalism" ! To be fair he went onto criticise British Airways and other airlines.

Now, this Government has hounded all business' with new regulations, taxes and directives. There is only so much a business can do before the Government has to give ground. Perhaps if the likes of Ian Pearson MP (who?) would bother to listen to the wealth generators, then he will be surprised what can be achieved!

Or perhaps the Government doesn't want the hassle of achieving anything - after all shouting and ranting is easier than making hard choices.....

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