Thursday, 11 January 2007

With no enforcement - does anyone seriously wonder why the parking is such a problem???

Busy, busy, busy - today was market day in Wells! This meant that the city was busy and bustling!!!

Latest on the ongoing checkout saga - still not very well and may not be in action until next week. So all orders are being written down. It's doing wonders for my maths. No machine to do all the calculations.

In the evening I attended the City Council's City Centre Management Committee. Was a good meeting, with loads of updates. Most interesting was the update on the 'Destination Wells' site and the 'Traffic Orders' for the High Street.

The Destination Wells project is still on track, despite being slightly behind. However, that's how projects go! Once up and running fully - we'll have a great concept in which to promote the City. As for the new traffic orders - it should bring a lot of the current car parking problems under control. However, I do think that there has been a lot of nonsense in regards to signage in the High Street!

Apparently, when the High Street was relayed, there was an argument against putting traffic control signs up and signs painted on the road....and now everyone is wondering why there are traffic problems!!!! Anyway - at least it's being sorted. Well done to those involved.

After that meeting, met with the organising team for the next RUH (Royal United Hospital) bash in May. It will be a 1940's Wartime themed fundraiser (one of my charities). Micheal is putting an awful lot of work into arranging it all!

Then it was off to friends for a chinese takeaway at their house.... nice!!

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