Thursday, 18 January 2007

Mayor's Blog goes Mendip wide and international.....

Had a good day in Pickwicks today. Spent most of it re-programming the products back into our now fully functioning checkout. Ice Maker is back on, so smoothies and shakes ready to be sold again!

Interviewed someone for one of our vacant posts - which was very good! In the afternoon, I was interviewed by Mark Adler from the Mendip Times.

The Mendip Times is an excellent local magazine with loads of useful articles and features. The next edition will be even more exciting yet as this blog will feature!! Mark asked me about the blog and how I intend to use it. Was also very interesting speaking to mark, as he has loads of experience in broadcasting.

In fact, Mendip Times has won a grant to explore local digital TV on the web! Very best of luck with that. You can read more about the magazine and even the article (I think published next week) on the Mendip Times website. I'll place a permanent link on my blogroll.

After work, I attended the Finance & General Purposes Committee (F&GP) to review the budget for the next financial year. Sadly the largest part of the rise is due to our (as a council) commitment to a cemetery. The only part of the £6 (ish) rise is £1.03 going to service cost increase! Believe me, that's a real bargain.

Wells City Council has a track record of delivering real services. As a council we do much more than others - thus punch above our weight! As a rise against last year's settlement, the per centage can appear to be high....however with a total cost of £64.50 (about) the total amount isn't too much.

To be fair, one has to remember that this only represents the City Council charge - the Police, Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council all have to add their charges to the total Council Tax bill.

I fear however, that some may start to play politics with the precept - there an election coming up...yes there is!!

Back bones soon melt - and some politicians commitment to 'delivering real services' (as many would have promised in some form of words in 2003 (last election)) could disappear.

Anyway, back in the real world - I had an eMail from Mayor Bill Gentes. Mr Gentes is the Mayor of Round Lake, Illinois, USA. Mayor Gentes was pleased to see another Mayor blogging as not many do.... I predict many more will do so over the coming years! To view his blog and the website for Round Lake, click here.

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