Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Who needs sleep??? Hope no one noticed the toothpaste or cranberry juice...

Well back in Old Blighty...wind, rain and snow!!

I managed to get back OK - even with the general lack of service by Ryanair. However, to be fair - I did sleep on the way back!

The reason for this is quite embarrassing! Whilst out and about in Dublin, having an odd drink or two to wish my mate Keith on his way (lesson to pass on: never drink champgne after a glass of vodka)(for your information the vodka was served with 7up and I didn't really have much choice as no gin available...nor tonic), we all completely forgot about the time!

So at about 0530hrs, Sunday morning, I suddenly realised that I had to get back to Keith's apartment to collect my stuff. My flight was at 0830hrs from Dublin Airport. So, we finally arrived at Keith's house at 0615hrs, with my taxi to the airport waiting outside.

So there was no time to change! I really do hate travelling like a scruff - it's just so unnecessary and totally slack. Anyway, quickly brushed my teeth and managed to get half of the paste down my new jacket.

Said goodbye to Keith.... and headed to the airport. At this point I put those wonderful skills you learn as mayor to the test. It didn't matter how knackered I looked - I was determined to appear a seasoned and quite decent traveller....as the penguins in the film 'Madagascar' says "...just smile and wave boys....just smile and wave....".

Anyway, got through all the checks and the thoroughly disinterested check in clerk (did she know whom she was booking in?). Had a lousy 'Irish Breakfast' (which according the one in the airport is an english breakfast without any taste). Felt even worse than I did checking in and headed for the plane.

Dublin Airport is going through an expansion at the mo. So to get to the Ryanair plane, one has to walk down a temporary passenger gate. This can take anything upto 10 minutes - and I was completely bored by the time I reach the plane.

So, stepped on board, sat down and removed my jacket - only to remember that the shirt I was wearing had splashes of cranberry down it....and when dried into the shirt, looks like blood stains. Not really that classy to have a shirt which looks like you've been in a punch up only a few minutes before! The cranberry came from an unfortunate incident in the restaurant we were dining in.

It was a wonderful place and a great atmosphere....however, a ramekin (small dish) full of cranberry sauce fell off and covered me! The waiters and manager did there best to get rid of the stains...accidents do happen!

blah, blah, blah......

I returned home at about 1030hrs on Sunday morning - after being collected at the airport by my mate Wayne. I had a quick turn around as I had to be suited, chained and booted to the Mayor's Parlour at 1130hrs!!!! From which I hosted a wonderful dinner for the South Horrington Leaseholders Association. The committee and especially the Chairman were very well organised and had brought everything.

Had a very nice afternoon, which finished off by me conducting one of my famous Town Hall Tours!

After all that, I got home, started sorting by bag of washing out.... By 2000hrs I was in bed! Until woken up at 2100hrs by Emma on the phone, wanting to catch up..... my fault really as I asked her to call! Never mind......

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