Saturday, 13 January 2007

Hitch Hiking and conformist coffee.....

Was very busy in Pickwicks today. Checkouts still 'down', so having to write all the receipts out by hand. Anyway, some of my writing started to look rather odd by the end of the day - but it's very different to allow your brain to do some work for once.

A customer complained that we don't make our coffee like some of the major chains! Well it's a bit pointless having an independent coffee shop and being exactly like everyone else, isn't it? Anyway, our coffee is of a better bean - well that's what I think!!!

Had a fab reception in the Mayor's Parlour this evening. Kitty Webster, from Wells, has been raising money for 'Link Community Development', which is a charity that operates in Africa. Kitty plans to send a hefty cheque to the charity in February - with the help of proceeds from various events. One of which is a grand raffle - with prizes kindly donated by local independent shops.

The winners of this raffle came to the Parlour this evening to collect their prize. Kitty laid on drinks and nibbles. The reception was short, but good fun. All the prize winners were very pleased.

The next part of Kitty's adventure, is to hike (ion behalf and in co-operation with the charity) to Morocco! Well best of British to her - I know the City of Wells will cheer her on. If you would like to sponsor Kitty, please contact the Town Hall.

May just chill out for the rest of this evening..... phew!!

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