Monday, 8 January 2007

It wasn't just me....they helped too......

For once, I really do feel sorry for Ruth Kelly MP.

Not only was Ruth Kelly MP a useless Education Minister, then she announced the biggest non-event of 2006 in the shape of The Local Government white paper and is now embroiled over a row involving the education of her son!

I personally think, that the Minister is quite right to choose the best for her Son and it isn't the business of anyone else. After all, he hasn't put himself forward in the public eye.

I think the media should leave her alone.

However, in true Government style, the Minister has decided to fight via press release. Not only is this dragging her Son even more into the argument, but also sharing the blame with a whole load of professionals and eduction authorites on the way!!

According to the BBC, the Minister had consulted with professionals and the Local Education Authority. All of which is fine.... but at the end of the day the Minister took the final decision - it shouldn't really matter who she had consulted.

So, apparently, it wasn't just the Minister's fault that she embarrassed the Government - it is in fact everybody elses fault too. Glad that's cleared up....

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