Thursday, 4 January 2007

Forgeries, Facilities and Food......

Have enjoyed today.

Bulk of the day at usual! Today was particularly busy. Was not really with 'it' this morning as I gave a customer back more money (in change) than they paid! I don't know who was more shocked when I realised - which was a few seconds after doing it. However, sorted that one out.

Had a visit by one of our PCSO's, Linda, today. There has been a series of incidents where people have been passing over fake £20 notes. Luckily we haven't had any. As an extra precaution to the training I give, I've brought some of the tester pens you swipe across notes if you have any suspicion. Did see a fake note today which was frighteningly good. However once you know what to look for - it's easy to tell.

In the evening I attended the Wells City Council Special Meeting ref the proposed Thermal Treatment Facility, just outside the city. The meeting was to consider updates regarding the application. The application as a whole is very detailed and highly technical. However, the Council decided to keep to it's current views - which is based around traffic movements, location and possible health concerns. It is fair to say the applicant has been very clear in it's response to these and other issues raised.

On a personal note, I believe that it is some amazing technology - a real step forward. We must all accept that if we want fantastic products to help us live a better life - then there is going to be a waste issue! It has to be sorted some how. However, putting this plant in the middle of rural Somerset on poorly serviced roads, is very difficult to understand, although the applicant appears to have a strong economic case for the proposed site. So to sum up: right technology - wrong location!

After the meal a mate of mine treated myself and another friend to dinner at a newish restaurant in the city called Andre's. As usual, a fantastic meal - however a bit disappointed that the tapas menu was restricted.

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