Friday, 19 January 2007

I'm 'ere in Eire!

Carrying on the truly international theme.....this weekend I'm hailing from Ireland!

Am updating my blog in an internet cafe in Dublin...the shopping Mall is called Stephen's Green.

Got over here safely - however not impressed by the Ryanair flight. Although it was 20 minutes late (which isn't a problem, these things happen) the flight was staffed by some 'couldn't give a damn' attitude Cabin Stewards and Stewardess'! The two looking after the back end of the plane, walked down so fast with the trolley - they didn't even bother to ask everyone for a drink!

So, I had to ask a Steward separately for a gin & tonic! Not that he was bothered....about anything! Of course the gin turned up in what Ryanair call 'baggies' - basically sachets. YOU CAN'T HAVE GIN LIKE THIS!! At least this time, I got a glass and tonic - the last flight I had to ask twice.

Even so, it was cheap gin - can't stand cheap gin - and served without lemon, ice or a decent plastic cup.

Anyway, arrived in Dublin airport - and had to hike to the baggage reclaim - this is a long way, but to be fair they are building a new terminal.

Got my coach from the airport to Trinity College, were I'll meet my mate Keith at about 1500hrs.

Have done some provisional research into prices of coffee! Although in each shop I go into, I cause some problems as I have my large 'away bag' with me! So I keep either knocking people or furniture.

Off for another gin & tonic.... a real one.

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