Saturday, 20 January 2007

Hot Whiskey and Hot Port are new favs....

Enjoyed some of the wonderful smoke free clubs and bars around Dublin last night.

My mate Keith, who is heading off to Bermuda to work for a couple of years, was in great form!

I suppose he is building himself up to his newest adventure. So, this weekend is basically about saying goodbye for now - however, all of his friends will no doubt force themselves to pop in to Bermuda to help the time go by!

Last night whilst out drinking I met one of Keith's friend's who works for the EU in regards to the single currency. He has a very complex job, chairing meetings on the technical aspect of running a currency. He has to interact with the representatives of other currencies ie Stirling as well.

Anyway, off into Dublin again this evening for dinner and some more clubs. Really enjoy going into a place without having to smell of smoke!

This afternoon, we walked to the Donabate beach. Was a nice walk, but got drenched walking back in the pouring rain. However, once down at the beach we had a 'Hot Whiskey' and a 'Hot Port'. Basically they are a shot of drink, hot water, a slice of lemon with cloves and sugar...amazing drinks!

We are now going to get ready for this evening....I've got a feeling that it'll be loads of fun. Can't wait to meet all of his friends he has told me about!!!!

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