Sunday, 7 January 2007

Chilling on a lazy Sunday.... except for the dead Poinsettia

Today was a day which I can say that I'll enjoy. At the end of it, writing this, I feel quite chilled!

Was very lucky to have a visit by my God Children (Joesph & Jack) and two very dear friends of mine (Richard & Sue), who are the parents. We had a really nice afternoon, just relaxing and catching up. After they left, I took down the christmas cards that I still had up in the Mayor's Parlour.

Also I noticed that one of the three poinsettia's had died! I brought three before christmas, as my token decoration for the Mayor's Parlour. Anyway, the one on the fire place just gave up all hope! I have a good track record with these types of plants as I have one at home, which is about two years old! It appears to flower all year round.... which, according to the powers that know, poinsettias don't do such a thing.

Anyway, after getting back home and sorting out my house (well starting too) - I joined friends for a drink and another catch-up (with some more pizza). We watched a BBC program called 'Torchwood'.

Basically it's a spin off of Dr. Who. It was very good, with one or two errors such as a dead man (lead star) looking very dead across his face - but his arms etc were very much alive! Oops, more make up please....

Now going to start writing my weekly diary for the Wells Journal, which is our local paper. I write the diary on Sunday/Monday and it is published on Thursday.

Ho hum....

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