Thursday, 25 January 2007

How many men does it take to change a bulb on a VW Polo????

Wednesday wasn't all it was cracked up to be! Trading was ok - but thought it would be busier. I suppose the cold weather kept people away.

Have got a funny story regarding my car: Noticed this morning that one of my main head lamp bulbs had blown. So during the morning, I went out to replace it. First, I thought I had a spare in my car.

So, not thinking straight, I tried to remove the light from it's casing. Being a typical man - I need for instruction.

Anyway, although I got the water proof rubber cover off, I couldn't figure out a way to remove the bulb.

So after a while, I got bored! So I took my car manual from the glove box and found the section for replacing lights.

It said about removing lights by lifting a safety catch. Well I couldn't see one in there...although it wasn't easy to look directly at it! I tried feeling for it...again nothing except the wiring for the bulb. I double checked the diagram and thought VW had given me the wrong print. I even had the help of a local Policeman, who was shocked to see the Mayor in the bonnet of a car!

He looked at the manual too. Couldn't find the safety catch!!! Then I heard him say "aaahhhh, we've been looking at the diagram for the rear set of lights"!!!!! When we looked at the correct diagram, the bulb came out.

It didn't stop there. I then realised I had no replacement. So, I drove to the nearest car shop and brought a new one. Took ages to fix it back in (the manual only showed me how to remove it). All is now working fine. I think I'll leave such techie stuff to professionals in the future.

Later this evening I attended a public meeting to discuss setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in part of the ward I represent. Was a interesting meeting with support from the Police, Local Action Teams, County Councillor and City Councillors.

Tomorrow (Thursday 25th Jan) looks to be interesting as we have a full City Council meeting to discuss our precept (City Council's tax). Trouble is, with an election around the corner, who knows what may happen!

Watch this space for updates......

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