Saturday, 27 January 2007

I'm after the GTi - should of made it a condition of the release.....

Had a fantastic day in Pickwicks!! We achieved the highest amount of sales since we opened. It was a struggle as we were two people down.

It did mean that most of us had to have only a few minutes break. However, we did achieve a spectacular well done to the whole team.

After an exhausting day - I didn't really get time to arrange an evening out. So stayed in, sorting the house out....well at least I tried! Didn't really get any where....

Had a drama during the day - my mate Rob was staying with me on Friday night because of the 'Burns Night' at Martin & Julie's. Anyway, I left the house early(ish) to go to work. Told Rob to just close the door when he leaves....!! However, I had a dizzy spell when I left the house as I locked it from the outside. So he was stuck.

Rob phoned work and I went to release him! I was so embarrassed! Rob was ok though.

Was quite lucky to let him out, as Rob had a test drive car - VW Golf 3.0 GTi. So had to drive it myself. Wow, what a car! What an engine! What a price £23k!!! Have to sell a few more coffees yet. A wonderful car though.

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