Saturday, 27 January 2007

Haggis was made in Somerset and not Scotland....SHOCK!

Friday just bumbled along... nowt very exciting happening in Pickwicks!

Friday evening was fantastic. The Mayoress, Julie and her husband Martin hosted an excellent evening in their house. The evening was to celebrate 'Burns Night'.

We had a marvellous haggis (brought from a local quality farm shop - made with Somerset meat) and all of the trimmings. For those who were not haggis eaters, Martin grilled some sausages.

The best part of the evening was being able to sample some Scottish Whisky! Am only just starting to get into the drink (am a gin man). However, loved all that he had, especially the 'Islay' whiskey.

That whiskey had a very heavy (sort of tar) taste. However, gave a great kick. In a bizarre twist, we also had some Irish whiskey - which I'm sure is not often presented at a Byrnes evening.

Never mind - was good to taste the difference. So now I'm semi hooked. After all, I did try the 'Hot Whiskey' in Ireland.

Well done to Martin and Julie for putting on a fabulous party.


Roger Owens said...

Come on Simon! Surely you know that Burns (not 'Byrnes') Night is dedicated to the immortal memory of the greatest ever Scottish poet, Robert Burns! Also, I think the whisky you refer to is Islay, not 'Inlay'. The Irish stuff is called whiskey, the Scottish golden liquid is called whisky. You obviously have a lot to learn about whisky. You must come around and have a lesson one evening. Your first piece of homework is to learn the difference between single malt and blended whisky!! And this is sent by a Welshman!

MOW633 said...

Thanks Roger....

Have corrected my errors. Will take you up on that drink offer too....