Sunday, 14 January 2007

Bekynton's gift of water to a grateful city

Had a wonderful lie in this morning!! That's what Sunday's are about!

This afternoon, we had the Commemoration to Bishop Bekynton in Wells Cathedral. I really enjoy this service.

It is a commemoration of a truly wonderful man. It is he who built the three main gates in Wells and built huge entensions to the Cathedral. His ultimate gift to the City was allowing water from his wells (inside the Bishop's Palace) to flow down the high street for the residents of the City.

The water flows from the Palace (with what was at the time a state of the art pump) to the Conduit (in the Market Place). From there the water flows each side of the street until it reaches St. Andrews stream in Broad Street/St. Johns Street.

Anyway, each year the City Council attends a commemoration service in State (All Councillors robed).

First off, the Civic Party (The Council and Office Holders) process to the Conduit. The Mayor's Chaplain (Dr. Lavinia Byrne) then reads out a prayer for the Bishop and the gift of water. Today, Lavinia did a wonderful job! Not only did she explain to the public and Councillors present why we were there - as we had some odd looks - but she read a lovely prayer which was expertly delivered.

We then processed in 'State' to the Cathedral, where we were met by The Dean (Very Revd John Clarke). We had a wonderful service. During the last hymn I laid a posse of flowers on Bishop Bekynton's tomb. The Dean made a gift of water.

After the service, we processed to the Deanery, were we all enjoyed afternoon tea.

An excellent end to a wonderful day. Now off for a pizza....

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