Thursday, 25 January 2007

Intorducing Cosmo, my house rabbit

Had some wonderful entertainment this morning when I watched a woman driving this huge people carrier. She was trying to park it in the parking bay, which is against the pavement.

There was definitely far too many steering wheel turns and far too much use of the clutch! It took several minutes and loads of over and under steer to finally abandon...sorry park the car. I would use this opportunity to raise the issue of women drivers.....however, this blog isn't that brave!!!

During to day I had to by some litter and food for my house rabbit Cosmo! Cosmo is a lovely, cute, huggable and good looking house rabbit..... basically like his adopted Dad!!

To cut a long story short - he is adopted from the Mayoress and her Husband. Neither Cosmo or they got on! So, when they both went on holiday two years a go, I agreed to look after him in my house. He immediately loved it...the extra freedom. So he sort of stayed.

However, in his time, he has gone through:
  • two telephone wires (requiring the replacement of)
  • all of my SCART leads
  • my coaxial cable
  • the power cables to my TV and various lights
  • the back of my sofa
  • two yellow pages
  • some twig things from IKEA
  • all my next catalogues
  • parts of the skirting board

He is very house trained......!!! At least I now have new feed for him.

This evening I chaired (as Mayor) a full City Council meeting. Now I know what you are all thinking - it wasn't six weeks from the last meeting. However, this meeting was to do with setting the precept (City Council tax). We started at 1900hrs and finished at 1915hrs.

Had a couple of instantly forgettable rants - however, not much else was said. I proposed that the budget be adopted and we had a recorded vote. The 'FOR's) carried the motion be a long way. Budget thus set!

After the meeting we had a presentation by Centros Millar in regards to the potential Princes Road development. In general, there could be a huge retail development to compliment the existing city centre.

The developer however, are required to consult. This is just the start. You can join in the consultation by clicking onto here. I've set a permanent link in my 'Wells Links'.

Was a very interesting proposal, with much to consider. If you are interesting in the project, please do participate.

After all that, six of us went of for an excellent curry at Cafe Romna. Always a pleasure, with the best curry for quite a few miles....

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