Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Did I really say yes to sleeping out on a Saturday night in January??

Nowt to report today.

Spent this morning in Pickwicks. My business partner Wayne help put up some fresh artwork from a popular local artist, Glenda Maynard. So the cafe is looking great, with some nice new artwork.

Spent this afternoon with my Diary Secretary updating my invitations and other events. I was meant to be attending a presentation at Mendip District Council reference the local government white paper. Although, after last night's weird goings on - I haven't really calmed down. So couldn't quite go through it all again. Town Clerk went instead.... Will gain an update from him tomorrow (Wednesday).

This evening, I had a meeting with the YMCA Spencer House, which is one of my charities for the year. Spencer House is a residence for homeless young people.

Sunday 28th January is 'Homelessness Sunday' and to support this day a group of 'willing' volunteers will be sleeping out on the streets of Wells on Saturday night!! No namby pamby July night for us! Anyway, meeting was to organise the event, especially the breakfast on Sunday morning!!!

Spent the rest of the evening catching up with everything else. Although one exciting development is a mate of mine (Rob), is ?0 this year - and we are going (as a group) to Turkey to celebrate.

My diary is filling up after May...yes!! For that is when I'm no longer Mayor... :(

Am off to a presentation in Bath for the British Army on Wednesday evening. Am looking forward to that.

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