Friday, 30 March 2007

I could talk for hours...well actually I almost did!!

On Wednesday I took half day from Pickwicks.... having loads of time off this week!! Although most of it to be fair is doing my Mayoral role....which is work before certain people say anything!!

Spent the afternoon hosting three presentations in the Mayor's Parlour for the Southampton branch of the John Lewis Coffee Club. Basically this is a group of retired John Lewis employees from the old Tyrell & Green (aka John Lewis).

My Aunt worked and retired with the company. As a company they really do look after their employees (including the retired ones).

About 60 members visited Wells for the day. About 50 of them wanted to see Pickwicks and me as Mayor.

So I did three presentations in the Parlour on the role of Mayor and a brief history of the City.

They all loved it...and collected over #110 for one of my charities (Macmillan Support).

My Aunt came along to the final of the presentations, which she then insisted on being next to me in all of the photo's! One of the groups even included a former Mayor and Mayoress of Winchester!! He knew his stuff.......we couldn't make anything up with him in the room.

After the presentations, I left Wells to got to Frome for another presentation. This time was to tell an audience of business people, how Wells coped with the filming of Hot Fuzz. The Chairman did bill me as a 'star'!!. I said this wasn't the case, however I did get credited!

I spent about 25min explaining the events that unfolded. I particularly mentioned the part our Town Clerk played in ensuring the smooth running of the filming. If it wasn't for his often quick thinking, there could of been some rather embarrassing issues occur.

Also he was central to negotiating a very good deal regarding publicity to Wells (he also got a credit, but listed after my name...).

After all that I was presented out..... went over the friends house for supper as I had to take them to the airport early in the morning.

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