Sunday, 4 March 2007

They are very particular in WsM

An update on a previous blog entry.....

On Thursday I was talking about skittles and my former boss being involved! However, I now have the link and some corrections!

First of the link for the skittles results, click here. This is the Weston super Mare league skittles website. A permanent link can be found on my 'useful websites' section.

Secondly, I've been told that Tony is STILL the Captain of his team (and not a past Captain).

Third, the 's' in 'super (Weston super Mare) is lower case and not upper case as I had it!!

oooohhh get you....... You would of thought that being mentioned in my blog would have been enough?????

1 comment:

Tony Jones said...

Thank you Simon for the corrections ... us Westonians get very tetchy about our lower cased "s"!! ;o)