Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Nathan is going......

Two down again on Monday, so under pressure AGAIN in Pickwicks.

Some sad news as Nathan Truckle, one of my longest serving member of staff had tendered his notice!! He wants to work on a building site, building walls or something! It's always annoying when an excellent member of staff leaves, especially someone with so much skill and character. Never mind - I suspect he'll miss us (and me) when he is out in the freezing rain, snow, wind and sweltering heat.

Anyway, we got through a very busy day. Many thanks to Julie who put together a smashing buffet for the evening reception!

The reception was the second in a trio of receptions to celebrate the work of Governors especially (and Heads as well). This time it was the turn of Wells Cathedral school.

Governors, whether in state or public schools, all work very hard for no pay.

Without these people, all of the, sometimes, mundane work would have to be done by front line teachers and heads.

The Mayoress and my Chaplain attended, as well as many from the Cathedral School. The School can boast many ex-pupils doing jobs with film directors and many top orchestras around the world. The great thing is, they all say they were schooled in Wells (Somerset, UK).

Great bit of PR....and all free!

Typed my diary for the Wells Journal...then off to bed.....

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