Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Forgot Tesco AGAIN..... but remembered the interview!

Was very busy from the moment we opened today!

Our main opposition closed for most of the day due to a water leak! I do feel sorry for them, as we had that once and it ain't nice! Anyway, their customers experienced our coffee...had a few converts!!!

Spent most of the afternoon updating my diary and arranging the Civic Service in April. Should be a very good service, representing the whole city.

Forgot to go to Tesco today, as I need to get some bits....must do that tomorrow! I always seem to remember to go when I'm at which time it's too late.

At 1830hrs, I was interviewed by the Wells Media Project. This is an initiative that I helped with the concept of. It's main aim is to involve young people who are enjoy 'media'. They are then offered the opportunity to report on real stories from a young person's view point.

Already, the scheme has been backed by local business' and Mendip District Council. My interview was based upon my thoughts on young people in Wells. The interview will be typed up and distributed as any other story would be. Also, extracts will be broadcast on the Strood Collage radio station!!

If you have a story that you'll like the project to cover, please eMail: A permanent link is on my 'Wells Blogroll'.

I'm just soooooo celeb these days............

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to Wells Youth Media group I hope that the link on your site gets the work spread about this group, business cards will be available soon.
Dave Bonstow
Area Youth Worker (Wells)