Thursday, 22 March 2007

007 - Licence to watch again.... he is the same build as me (honest)

It was Market Day today in Wells. So loads of people buzzing around the City.

Spent some time today sorting out Mayoral events with my Diary Secretary, over the phone. However, got it all sorted.

Had a slight problem towards the end of the day, as a handle for a tap fell off, so had great difficulty stopping the tap before we had a flood! Anyway, managed to do that!!!

After work, and a quick pint in The City Arms, finally got to Tesco. I brought the necessaries including washing powder! Also brought some pizza for Julie (the Mayoress), Martin (her husband) and myself. Took a little while going around the store as I met some people who hadn't heard the dramatic news about Anne Wain.

When I got home, went over to Julie & Martin's, where we enjoyed the pizza's and a good chat about everything.

Also had the opportunity to watch 'James Bond: Casino Royale'. I first saw it in Wells Cinema, now watching the DVD. Nothing can quite beat watching a Bond movie in a cinema...but still a very good film!

After all that, went home and chatted with my very tired Mum..... then went to bed (after updating my blog that is)!!

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