Sunday, 4 March 2007

Judith the Librarian....was a strict vegetarian! Luckily she missed out on the bacon sandwiches

We were short staffed and very busy in Pickwicks on Saturday. Although everyone rallied around and we were able to operate very effectively as a team! Well done to all!

During the morning I attended a Conservative Group Meeting in Shepton Mallet. The meeting to discuss the forth coming Mendip elections. The meeting also included new candidates as well as existing ones.

It was a good meeting where we discussed our record, strategy, the likely attack from the main opposition and general points on campaigning. Everyone was very motivated and had loads of ideas. The meeting started off with some bacon sandwiches - which went down very well.

I then returned to a very busy mentioned above! Had my lunch at about 1630hrs this time - almost in time for closing.

In the evening I attended, as Mayor, a concert for one of my Mayoral charities; Macmillan Support. The concert was performed by the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir. It was an excellent evening. I've never heard a live Male Choir before - a true eduction. The songs were all perfect for the evening and venue.

The acoustics in the Town Hall were designed for groups such as the Glastonbury Male Choir. Sadly, with more modern music, bands or discos - the acoustics aren't as clever. During the evening we had some light hearted and quiet amusing solo numbers. The one I liked the best was called 'Judith the Librarian' (who was a strict vegetarian). Very funny indeed.

The one thing I really love about any concert is watching the conductor. I think to conduct any sort of band or choir takes great skill. It's all of the movements and instructions they give has to be directly in time with the music....else there could be confusion. I haven't got the attention span for such a least I'm honest!!

More can be found about the Glastonbury Male Choir, by clicking here. I have placed a permanent link on my 'Useful Website' section.

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