Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Handwriting is always going to be tops......

I know the 'late again' excuse is becoming rather regular....but it's true - everything is a bit full on at the mo!! So I'm truly sorry for the delay in updating my blog.....

On Friday, we had a full compliment of staff in at Pickwicks. This was after a week were two key members had the dreaded lurgi which is floating around!

Mid morning, I attended Stoberry Park School in Wells. This was to give out prizes for their latest focus upon handwriting.

I thought this was an excellent idea, as handwriting among adults (including moi), is sometimes rather awful. Although the pupils may not either care or know it yet.... but good handwriting will benefit them greatly in the big horrible real world!

I gave pens out to pupils who exceeded their targets for handwriting and certificates to those who did very well at handwriting. The others met or were slightly under their target.

Speaking of targets, I never had any at primary school! I don't think I even knew what a target was (except for something you aim a bow & arrow at)!

Anyway, after the assembly, which included Parents, we all sang a very jolly song called 'Everybody's Building'. It really did sum up what the school is doing and hopes to do.

Later that evening, The Mayoress and I hosted a party for my chaplain, Dr Lavinia Byrne. I was so proud to help not only a dear friend, but a wise advisor and strong supporter. About 30 people attended. The invite list included Lavinia's family from France.

As the party was a very important date, I dressed in my Morning Suit and had the Maces on display. For the French, I even put on my red robes...any excuse!

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