Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Two AGM's and some washing up!!

Had a good day in Pickwicks today....even had the Mayor doing the washing up!!! How many Mayor's do you know have dishpan hands???

I had two AGM's to attend this evening.

First off at 1830hrs, I attended a AGM for the Abbeyfield Society (Wells). This is a marvellous society, as it has a series of homes across the UK where elderly (often lonley) people can rent a room and lead very independent lives.

The homes (two in Wells) have a mixture of residents - none of which have been means tested (which I think is a welcome change). They all lead their own lives but happen to live in the same large house. As Mayor, I'm President of the Wells Society. It is an enormous privilege to represent this organisation, especially as it celebrated the UK 50th anniversary.

After that AGM, I attended the Macmillan Support Wells Branch AGM. It was held in The Swan Hotel.

Macmillan Support is one of my charities for the year. It is great to have such an active branch in Wells. Quite shockingly, there isn't another branch for about 30 miles! So Wells is quite high profile in central Somerset.

Macmillan supported my Mum and Dad when my Dad was dying of cancer. To help repay the debt, I agreed to become Vice Chairman for the Wells Branch. To find out more about Macmillan, please click here else see my 'useful websites' for a link.

After those meetings I met up with mates and went for a drink.....

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