Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Mayor's Diary for 8th March 2007 - as published in the Wells Journal

This week at work a member of my staff Nathan Truckle, celebrated his 18th birthday. It took me back 16½ years to when I celebrated it. I had a family & friends BBQ. I hope you join with me in wishing Nathan a Happy Birthday.

Over the past week I’ve attended 7 events, functions and meetings as your Mayor.

On Wednesday I attended the relaunch of Alex Scott Hairdressing. The salon had been refitted and updated. Proceeds from the raffle they held went to Comic Relief. For note, in the raffle I won some makeup bags (including samples) – which I gave straight to the Mayoress.

On Saturday my Chaplain and I attended a concert in the Town Hall in aid of Macmillan Support. The concert was performed by the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir. It was an excellent concert, filled with various songs – including a song called ‘Judith the Librarian (who is a strict vegetarian)’. More on the concert can be found in my blog www.mow633.blogspot.com.

On Sunday morning my Chaplain and I attended a Civic Service held by the Elim Church in the Town Hall. The service was to celebrate those people who work on the front line of our public services. Those who do jobs many of us would hate to do – like social workers, care workers, police officers and waste collectors. We can’t run our economy or any other part of our lives without these very important roles being filled.

In the afternoon, we attended the Wells Amateur Boxing event in Kudos. There was a mix of skills and talent on show. All of the bouts were very well refereed and you can see the real skills needed to box in a ring. Having a good punch is only part of the skill….also need to be thinking two moves ahead.

On Monday, The Mayoress, my Chaplain and I hosted a reception in the Town Hall for the Governors and Head Teachers of all of the Primary Schools in and around the city. It was just one way of saying thankyou to all those who put so much into children’s education for no pay, but a lot of commitment.

Over the next week my diary includes Council meetings, the Twinning Association AGM, Radio Link meeting, Handwriting Awards at Stoberry School, ATC Table Top sale and a reception for Wells Cathedral School Governors and Heads.

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