Tuesday, 27 March 2007

All cheer the sports....no booing at the back!

Finally got to today!!

Had a fairly quiet day in Pickwicks. Most mondays are much slower trade wise in the city.

This evening my Chaplain and I hosted a reception for the sports clubs in Wells. It was a way of saying thank you for the service they do for the city and community.

All of the clubs have to face a burden in regards to laws and insurance requirements. Some of them are sensible, some of which I think justify other people's jobs!!

Anyway, all of these clubs represent Wells when they compete. So it is vital that they show the city off in it's best light.

Some of the clubs are very small and are always looking for venues and new team members. As a result of this evening, I have been invited to visit most of the clubs....

I did explain to them all, that my sporting career failed to take off - let alone to be resurrected!!!


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