Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Brief overview of Friday to Sunday....

I know....I know.... no one will read the blog if I don't keep it up to date!!!

I've have been really busy over the past week!!

Anyway, as a catch up....

On Friday the Mayoress and I attended the Wells Cathedral School Symphonic Journey - which is an Easter concert put on by the school.

As usual, it was superb! It encouraged me to join the Wells Concert Friends. This means you get advanced notice of concerts and events. Well, I must admit, I haven't quite sent off my form....but I will.

After the wonderful concert and having the opportunity to meet Michael Evis, we went over to Cedar House for drinks. A wonderful end to a brilliant evening.

On Saturday I hosted an evening in the Mayor's Parlour for my former colleagues from Great Mills. We often get together for a curry or Chinese. This time, it was my turn to host.

We met in The Crown and then ordered either pizza or curry. After finishing our take aways, I gave the group a tour of the Town Hall and a talk on the Mayoralty.

Both Tony and Marian are really into history, so they enjoyed it!! Was great to see Marian Duke, Tony Jones and Jane Brine (alongside their partners).

After they all went home, I went for a drink in Kudos (as it was the only place open at 0130hrs). Sadly, my coat was given to the wrong person by the cloakroom attendant. However, all was sorted by Sunday lunchtime and I had my coat back!!

Just chilled for the rest of Sunday!!

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