Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Celebration of Primary School Governors

Had a very busy day in terms of workload in Pickwicks. We were a couple of staff down today - so we had to work a bit harder to compensate.

This evening The Mayoress, my Chaplain and I hosted a reception in the Parkes Room of the Town Hall for all of the Primary School Governors and Head Teachers. All of the primary schools in and around the city were invited.

We had at least one representative from each school. According to many that attended, it was the first time that all Governors were invited together! This was shocking, as most said they benefited from speaking to other Governors in similar schools. Yet another first for the current Mayor!!!!!

I wanted to invite all of these people for a couple of reasons. First, all of the schools (in or out of the city) always invite the incumbent Mayor to any official function. Secondly, all of the Governors give their time and commitment voluntarily.

If it wasn't for these people doing so much for the schools, the burden would vastly increase on the Heads and Teachers. The admin load on these skilled people is already great, so anything to remove a little stress is welcome.

The wider community, I think, really does appreciate the work Governors do. I didn't realise that the term of a Governor is only four years - then its time for re-election.

I hope they all enjoyed the reception. Special thanks has to go to Gill, Stan, Rosemary, Len and Maureen for their help this evening.....

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