Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Loving Cup passes through another great City!

Finally got to today's blog entry....after updating the weekend!

Am usually off for Tuesday afternoon, so that I can update my diary. Sadly with two people off, not able to do!

Had an average day trading wise in Pickwicks. Although it did get very busy this morning.

Mid afternoon, I had a rather unusual engagement in the Mayor's Parlour. It was the tour of the 'Loving Cup of England'.

The 'Loving Cup' is being brought around to virtually every City in England. The idea is to foster links and community bonds across England.

The cup itself, is fairly new. It is shaped like a football trophy and is very very heavy. Mr Bruno Peeks OBE started off proceedings by presenting me with the cup.

I then accepted it on behalf of the City. I was then presented with a flag for the City to fly on St. Georges Day. After a brief speech, I then took a sip out of the cup and passed it around the room.

All had a great time and it was nice to be part of something different. The 'Loving Cup' will finish it's journey on St. Georges Day at a Gala Dinner, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Westminster.

After all that - back to work......

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