Friday, 30 March 2007

The curry was mild but the signatures annoyed me!!

I actually got the whole day off on Tuesday!! Haven't had a day off during the week for a while. Believe me, I needed a break!!

Had a fantastic lie in until about 1100hrs. Was then woken by a call from a mate of mine, Simon Selby, reminding me about meeting for lunch.

So we went for our customary lunchtime curry. Normally, I'd have a madras strength dish....however at lunchtime - I go for mild!

After that I popped into the Council office to update my diary. Then it was off for a presentation regarding video eMailing etc. Was a very good tool and can see loads of possibilities for it.

I then spent most of the evening collecting the necessary signatures for my election campaign in May. It is an over the top system to stand for election. Most of the paper work is just not needed!!

After all that, went to a mate of mine - Rob Jones - who cooked me dinner. Was great to catch up with Rob. He lives in Glastonbury, so am not able to see him as often as I should.

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