Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A visit by Mother! The house was sort of tidy.

Had a wonderful day on Sunday.

My Mum and Aunt came over from Southampton to visit me. Was great to see them as I haven't been home for a while. In fact the last time I saw my Mum was at the beginning of December.

We had a nice morning catching up - although I was still getting over the night before (see previous post). Anyway, we went to Andre's for lunch which was as fantastic as usual.

It was a shame that we were not there to see Andre's new up stairs kitchen being opened. Hopefully that will happen sometime over the next week.

They both stayed until about 1700hrs.....

In the evening, I joined friends at the Mendip Inn for dinner.

When I got in, I crashed out into bed......so no updating of the blog!

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