Monday, 5 February 2007

A night at the races

Sorry that my blog hasn't been updated for a few days - all has been quite hectic....

Have been extremely busy at Pickwicks - especially with the arrival of a waffle machine! I suspect it'll be fun getting used to that!!

On Saturday the Mayoress a group of friends and I, went along to the St. Cuthbert's Church Race Night. It's the first time I've been to such an event.

Pickwicks was one of the sponsors for the race, which I named the Pickwicks Caffe Dash! A bit cheesy, but don't know that much about horse racing.

However, as a table we didn't get very far. We managed to buy a couple of horses which cam depressingly last on each and every race. Our luck on the 'TOTE' improved -so we made about £15 out of that.

The monies that we had left over from the 'TOTE', we donated to the church (which amounted to £4.20 (where the 20p came from I don't know as we only had bets in pounds)).

Anyway all had a great time......even if one or two of the group had a little too much to drink!

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