Thursday, 1 February 2007

Found the dogs!!

As you can imagine - no day goes past without something rather odd happening!! Well that's my story anyway.

Yesterday was no different.....

Was due to go out and meet a mate for a drink in a pub just outside of Keynsham. This pub was ideal as it is half way between Wells and Emerson's Green (Bristol), where my friend lives.

All was going to plan. Was going to meet him at 2000hrs. Anyway at about 1915hrs, I had a telephone conversation from another mate reporting that his dogs have broken out of his garden and gone missing!!! Now Wayne was in London at the time - but his neighbour had called him!

So me being nearest - was summoned for duty! So shot up to Oakhill to see what was going on. Searched the whole house and garden. Couldn't even find a place where the two dogs would have broken out!!

Even checked next door's garden - still no sign. So after going around gardens and muddy fields - dressed for an evening out with a mate - I thought the only thing to do was to drive around the village.

Did this for about 40mins. Every so often texting my patient mate about progress. With the neighbour being quite distressed, I tried every field and lane I could find....shouting the dog's names.

I then contacted the Police - who had just received a report of one of the dogs being found. One found - one to go!!! I collected the dog 'Georgie' and returned her home.....just 'Harry' to go.

After a mad dash into Wells - to get some information on the dog and back again - 'Harry' was reported as being held by a neighbour! So I went next door to collect him.

Mean while my mate had driven into Wells as there was no way I could drive out to meet him and have something to eat.

With both dogs safely inside - I joined my mate for a quick drink and a curry...... quite exhausted!!!!

Ho hum....

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