Tuesday, 20 February 2007

It's all go even with only one Mayoral function.....

I'm just sooooo sorry about the delay in updating my blog. I'll promise that it'll be bang up to date before 0001hrs 21st Feb 2007!!

On Friday I was getting over the night before. After not getting in until 0300hrs (walked from the city centre to home) I was pretty shattered.

So, I used the opportunity to have a min sleep in. I must of got in to Pickwicks at about 1130hrs (believe me that is a short lie in).... We were really busy throughout the day. It was the end of the half term for the public schools and the beginning of the holidays for the state schools. Mega busy - and very much woke me up!

In the evening the Mayoress and I attended the Twinning Association Dinner in the Town Hall. It was a fabulous meal by Cathedral Catering (as usual) followed by a speaker. The speaker told us about his life as a grocer in the area over 60 years......

Saturday was another full on day where we took another record sales!! It just keeps happening recently. We had a full complement of staff who all worked well together.

In the evening I went for a chinese meal with my friend Emma who has just returned from Egypt on holiday and a mate of mine, Chris. It was great to catch up. As usual we ordered far too much and had to have it put in to 'doggie bags'. Both Emma and I have a passion for seaweed....which we can eat an entire mountain of.

Sunday had a part of a lie in - but didn't sleep that well. In the afternoon, I was working in Pickwicks for a christening party.

The parents, family and friends who attended really like the whole day - and it was an honour to be part of baby's new life.

After all that, I went over to friends for a meal - where Wayne cooked us all a fantastic chilli!!

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