Monday, 12 February 2007

Three meetings and a staff induction....

Today was a slow day in Pickwicks - the whole town is a little quiet. Hopefully this is the time of year and nothing to do with Prince's Road being shut!

After work - which included inducting a new member of staff, I had three meetings.

The first meeting was Wells Radio Link. This is a scheme where retailers can hire a radio so that they can communicate with each other if there is a serious issue in store (such as anti social behaviour or theft). This network is vital to the Police as well, as it acts as eyes and ears in the City centre.

The meeting concentrated upon new members, the update meeting for all members (March), the newsletter and banning orders. In the case of banning orders - if a person is banned from one shop in the scheme, they are banned from all.

Anyway, we have a successful scheme in Wells with is branching out to do other crime reducing initiatives such as a 'Safer Socialising Scheme'.

After that meeting, which was held in Pickwicks, I attended the Wells Conservative branch meeting. We discussed issues on the Council, the forth coming elections in May and local issues. Sadly I had to leave the meeting early as I had a third meeting to attend!!!!!

The third meeting was of the Little Theatre in Wells. As Mayor, I'm President for the year. The meeting discussed many issues including future plays and possible directors. This group puts so much into running a professional operation, which must take up loads of time!

Anyway, back at home now....and have to update my blog, produce my diary for this week's Wells Journal, sort out my trip to London (see other posting) and read my three days worth of eMails...then off to bed!!!!

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