Monday, 26 February 2007

Dirt Dancing was not the historical first......

Saturday was a relentless day in Pickwicks. It all started a bit slow, but then accelerated to full pelt!

In the evening a friend of mine, Emma, was my Consort for the Rotary President's Dinner in the Town Hall.

It was a fantastic evening. The Wells Rotary Club was celebrating it's 60th anniversary since gaining a charter. In that time, the club has awarded many grants and organised many fundraising activities for organisation within the City and around the world.

I made a little bit of history by being the first Mayor in 60 years to attend two consecutive President's Dinners! Usually the dinner is held late May. I attended last year, also with Emma as Consort.

After the dinner, Emma and I went to Kudos to finish off the evening. We met up with some friends in there. I was asked by one woman to dance with she recognised me! So, being polite I said yes....

I think that she may of had one too many as she was a little unbalanced and started (to attempt) to do some dance moves which I last saw in the film 'Dirt Dancing'. Was a little scary, but was quickly rescued by Emma.

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