Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The indian lunch.....

Today really just passed on by....not much happening in either Pickwicks or anywhere else! The city was quiet and there were spaces in the car parking areas (especially along Broad Street, where there is never any spaces for too long).

In Pickwicks we are preparing ourselves for one of the team turning 18 on Saturday.... Nathan is very much looking forward to being 18! Although I have said to him on a number of occasions to sort his hair out, have regular shaves and buy some new shoes.

On Tuesdays, I often have the afternoon off. This is so I can update my diary and attend some meetings.

For lunch I met up with my mate Simon for a curry!! Yes, a curry! It has a completely different taste when eaten during the day. I usually have a madras - but for mid day (ish) I had a very mild curry (can't remember the name, it was made with cream and banana's).

After lunch and some time to catch up with life; I went to the Town Hall to update my diary and meet with the Town Clerk.

This is always very useful, as any issues that arise can be sorted. I'm very fortunate to enjoy a excellent working relationship with the Town Clerk, so many matters can be thrashed out. It's also very useful that we can be open and direct about issues (etc) without compromising professionalism.

On the way back home I popped into see the Mayoress (Julie) for a tea and chocolates (I don't really like choccys, but Julie does). After spending a few moments catching up, we went out to her field just outside of Wells to let in her horses.

After all that, I came home to catch up on a few phone calls from residents in my ward - including an issue about a pavement.

I have caught up with my eMails, which included organising a night in the Mayor's Parlour with a group of friends who I used to work with in Great Mills (DIY).

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