Friday, 23 February 2007

Made waffles during the day - then waffle in the evening!

On Thursday not only did I have a flat out day in Pickwicks, but I had two meetings in the evening!

After work I attended the Mendip Conservative Group meeting. Although the meeting started at 1700hrs, I managed to get there at 1745hrs. It only lasted for about another 30mins or so.

Then at 1830hrs, the full Mendip District Council met in the Council Chamber. The main purpose of the meeting was to set the Council Tax for Mendip. The Conservative Administration offered a budget which meant that the MDC tax will rise by 2.9%. This was good news for local taxpayers.

The Lib Dems put forward an alternative proposal! Which was less of a budget and more of a list of aims (most of which is being planned anyway). So that was a bit of a non event!

So after, what I think was a lot of waffle from all sides - the meeting finished at about 1015hrs.

After that, I took my car over the mate of mine called Rob. Rob works in the garage where I brought my car. My Polo needs some warranty work on the heater, heater fan and emissions. I gave him my car and he lent me his VW Touran (a loan car).

When I was almost back in Wells at 2345hrs - I realised that I had left my Pickwicks keys in the Polo. So after some phone calls - which weren't answered, I had to call one of my colleagues who had a spare set! How embarrassing - luckily I was able to collect there and then!

Got to bed at about 0015hrs! Knackered.......

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