Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Memorial Service for Mr. D. Tubway-Quilter

Today was much busier in Pickwicks than I expected. Monday's have been fairly quiet up until now, but it all went mad today.

This afternoon my Chaplain and I attended the Memorial Service for Mr. David Tubway-Quilter.

Mr. Tubway-Quilter was a local man who believed in being a part of the community. His family has played a big role in the area for over three centuries.

I only met him a few times, but each time he was kind and interested in my role as Mayor. Indeed, he was Mayor in 1974!

A wonderful service, which saw the whole Cathedral fill with family, friends and those who worked with him on various projects. Lady Gass represented HRH Prince Charles for the service.

The service reflected his life of duty and service. One can safely say, that you would never have a service like it without putting so much into various organisations. It's a sad loss for Wells and for the wider community.

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