Saturday, 24 February 2007

Great band, great tunes, great kebab......

I was really shattered today.

After a full on; no break day on Thursday - Friday was always going to be difficult.

Pickwicks started slow and then exploded during the main part of the day. I tried my best not to run myself into the ground.

Later in the afternoon, my Chaplain and I headed to Bridgewater in the VW Touran to collect my Polo.

The Touran was great to drive. Basically, it was a large people carrier. Although it was very big, one could drive it like a car. It was a real pleasure to drive.

Got to Bridgewater at about 1630hrs and my car had been repaired. All of the issues had been sorted, although I was advised to monitor it over the coming weeks. Fantastic customer service and the car was cleaned on the outside!! To find out more about L J Irvines, click here. A permanent link is on my blogroll.

Anyway, my Polo is back in full working order.

When I returned to Wells, I dropped Lavinia off and headed home to prepare for the evening.

The Wells City Band kindly offered to hold a concert in aid of all three of my charities. It was a great event, which had a theme of my choosing. The theme was 'music from films and stage'. The band prepared 14 tunes.

One of the tunes was from the Blues Brothers (Need someone to Love). So for that number Cllr. Colin Price and myself dressed in a trilby hat and dark glasses. We had a tambourine and block to bang along to the beat. Was a surprise to everyone in the hall. Pictures to follow shortly......

When the concert finished, I offered those Councillors who attended a drink in the Mayor's Parlour.

When I left, at about 2310hrs I headed to the Kebab House for a Dona Kebab. I was really hungry. Got home at before 2330hrs and ate it all!!

Updating my blog and then off to bed...... night!

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