Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Display until 29th Feb 2007!! Are you sure??

You could tell it was market day today in Wells, as Pickwicks was extremely busy. We were almost running at saturday trading levels. Was very worn out here!

Felt light headed throughout most of the day, as I didn't eat much last night, nor did I have any breakfast! Managed to nibble away at some brie through the day... until my lunch (which was about 1600hrs - after starting at 0800hrs).

This evening I have actually got some free time. So I'm relaxing and generally not doing any of the ever growing job list items!! Ho hum.....

Had a laugh today at a poster displayed in Pickwicks, referring to an exhibition in the cafe (nowt to do with me).... it says that the art work will be displayed until 29th February 2007????? Oh dear - need to learn about the calender!!!!

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