Monday, 12 February 2007

Just catching up.....

Sorry for the delay in posting!! Have had a full on time over the past couple of days! Hopefully service fully resumed....

Since my last posting, I have had a couple of Mayoral events and some quality chill out time also.

On Thursday, I went to Cribbs Causeway to see the signing and live performance of Jamie Pearce. For those who follow this blog - would know his single was launched this week (More than Enough).

Anyway, it was an excellent evening which included signing of CD's. I used the opportunity to purchase a couple for friends and had them signed....felt like a real groupie! Don't normally 'do' celebs - but it was great fun.

After that me and my mate Chris went to the local TGI Friday's for dinner. Haven't been to one of the branches for a while - food still good but quite the same as it has always been. Nice meal though, which was brought by Chris...which is even better!

On Friday the Mayoress and I hosted the Civic Dinner at Andre's in Wells. The Civic Dinner is a meal hosted by the Mayor and Mayoress for Councillors and office holders (Chaplain, Town Crier and Mace Bearers).

We all had a fantastic meal which was cooked by the owner/Chef Andre Winterskill. Andre is a fantastic cook - he set up his own restaurant in November 2006. Has been very busy since.

The wine flowed, as did the chat. After desserts, we passed around the 'Loving Cup'. The cup was donated to the City Council (or Corporation as it was known) by a resident, with one condition. The condition was that the cup is to be filled with port and passed around the Council once a year without fail - if it is not, then the cup is to be returned to the person who donated it!! As far as I know, the resident (whom I can't recall) has sadly died. However, it is a strong tradition of the Council.

On Saturday after a very busy at Pickwicks, I spent the evening with Julie (the Mayoress). It was great to chat and catch up as we often only meet these days when on official functions. Julie is a wonderful friend and companion.

Sunday was more limited to sleeping in, watching a DVD (with Julie) call 'The Brothers Gimme'. After that a group of us met for dinner....all quite pleasant!!

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