Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Go on - try the baguette

Tuesday is always a half day for me...as I take the afternoon off so I can update my Mayor's diary and attend some meetings.

Pickwicks was very busy again today - but perhaps not as much as Monday.

For my lunch I had a bacon, chicken and chutney baguette...and enjoyed every mouthful. I took an order for the same thing from a customer - which just sounded and looked very tasty. So I had it for my lunch.

Anyway, this afternoon I spent some time in the council offices updating my diary. It is starting to look very full considering there is only about another 12 weeks left!!

Heard some more good Hot Fuzz news (you'll be bored with Hot Fuzz soon). Apparently Wells was mentioned by the stars on Hot Fuzz - plus I've had some text from friends who saw my name in the film credits!! Fab.

This evening I had two meeting to attend.

First was for the YMCA Spencer House party. Spencer House is one of my charities and we are planning on holding a party in March...see a separate posting for further information.

After that, it was off to the Mayor's Parlour to discuss the other event we are holding, this time for the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath. More on this event some other time.

Anyway at home now bringing my out of date blog in to the current day.....!!!

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